About Us

“My hand is a gift, and some part of it will cure you, and some part of it will cure you; for what providence hath decided, I know not. Let us pray together!” “One doctor told the patient before the operation. With a touch of derisiveness, it shows that the human capacity to meet the challenge of disease is far from perfect, and that its treatment should always be treated with awe.

Urology has made great progress in recent years thanks to the innovation and development of high-tech medical equipment, but the public still has a lot of concealment and misunderstanding about “lower body medicine”, so we built this professional urology website, trying to explain the related diseases that may occur in the people around us from the perspective of modern medicine; Clear disease classifications make it easy for people who need them to find the information they need. Of course, a good web site is not easy, take into account the professional but not to question, in-depth but easy to understand, especially uphold the highest spirit, be sure to make the content full and accurate… It’s not easy!

Finally, he can only say: “My ability is given by God, he wants to spread urology information through my website, he wants to let people know a few minutes will let people know a few minutes; God’s decision is what, I do not know. Let us pray together!